Hollywood Horror Producer Takes A New View On Death As He Befriends A Hospice Nurse feature in international edition of ehospice!

The Nurse With The Purple Hair is now available for digital download at Amazon!

Horror Movie Director Puts The End Of Life In A Positive Light in The Conversation Project blog!

The Nurse With The Purple Hair: A New Movie From Sean Cunningham  podcast from Deanna Cochran of Quality of Life Care.

The Nurse With The Purple Hair has been approved by The Dove Foundation for family viewing! Read the foundation’s review here.

Renowned Horror Film Director Turns Lens on World Of Hospice in May Hospice Times!

Would you like to host a screening for your organization, event or community or explore using the documentary as a tool in your hospice care industry business?

Michelle Lasota and director Sean Cunningham may be available to attend events. Contact us here to explore hosting a screening or working together.

I feel brave, inspired, and honored to start a conversation that matters.

Straight from the heart. A positive, caring, wonderful look at hospice care.

A shout-out to anyone who works in hospice. It celebrates what we do and gives a glimpse into why we do it.

A good intro for all people to start thinking about end-of-life care.

Full of hope and joy.

A realistic and touching way to describe the hospice experience.

Not depressing or morbid. Actually it was a fun time.

A clear-eyed look at the beauty, intimacy, humor, and gravity of this universal part of life.

Awe inspiring. It’s a film every person should see. It is that important.

This film made me cry and it made me laugh. Full to the brim with happiness and hope.

A wonderful use of media to spread the message. A landmark movie for the world of Health Services. Don’t miss it!

This movie is a love story between the filmmaker and his subject. Watching it left me full of hope, inspiration and love.

Takes the mystery and fear out of hospice and dying.