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I feel brave, inspired, and honored to start a conversation that matters.

Straight from the heart. A positive, caring, wonderful look at hospice care.

A shout-out to anyone who works in hospice. It celebrates what we do and gives a glimpse into why we do it.

A good intro for all people to start thinking about end-of-life care.

Full of hope and joy.

A realistic and touching way to describe the hospice experience.

Not depressing or morbid. Actually it was a fun time.

A clear-eyed look at the beauty, intimacy, humor, and gravity of this universal part of life.

Awe inspiring. It’s a film every person should see. It is that important.

This film made me cry and it made me laugh. Full to the brim with happiness and hope.

A wonderful use of media to spread the message. A landmark movie for the world of Health Services. Don’t miss it!

This movie is a love story between the filmmaker and his subject. Watching it left me full of hope, inspiration and love.

Takes the mystery and fear out of hospice and dying.